Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting Ready...

Well, I just got done packing up the remainder of things to bring for the women (chocolate), Betty & her baby, and all the volunteers (lots of goodies and Thanksgiving treats). I had to take out some stuff and did a lot of weighing and reweighing, but I think I am done - about .4 over on both, but hoping for a nice check-in person!

Can't believe it's happening - it came on so sudden (in less than a week). So I am a little freaked out. It'll be my first time traveling alone too! And since Dave and I have been together for 11 years, it is weird not to be sharing a memory and trip with him! But I am so thankful for his loving and selfless heart in suggesting, arranging, and encouraging me to do this! I have one amazing husband. He'll be with our two kids for 3 weeks and running the organization without the "office manager." But he will be great - he is an awesome dad and there are so many of our amazing friends that will help out too.

Very hard to say goodbye to the kids this morning, but I know once I get there and the time is purposeful, it will be worth all the heartache. Plus I got Asher's blessing on Friday when out of the blue he said: "mom, it's okay if you go to Africa and see the Suubi women and get necklaces. That's okay." He's one special 4-year-old (well, almost 4). And Jadyn doesn't quite understand, but I know it will be hard for her and even though her enormous amounts of energy drive and stubbornness me crazy most times, I know I'll miss her dearly too!

So off to the airport in the morning...a journey awaits me. And I am excited to see how it unfolds! Thanks for your support, love, & prayers!


  1. Yay! How exciting, I'll be praying for you. For your safety, for a wonderful experience, for you touching the lives of the people you encounter and for them touching yours. Have a great trip, I follow along on here and will see you when you get back. Love ya! Bri

  2. we're excited to see you morgan! see you so soon!

  3. what an awesome (and spontaneous) blessing. see you in a couple of weeks!