Monday, November 24, 2008

SUUBI (hope) Renunion

Yesterday was the Suubi meeting with the original women. How great to see the familiar faces - the reactions were the same: as the 65 women trickled in over the couple hours, each one would enter the building and then when they would notice me, their eyes would get big, their smiles huge. Some would come running to me, others would shake their heads in disbelief, and some would run back out to come back in moments later. I got to hug each one - wrapped in their embrace as they welcomed me back and asked about Dave and the kids. And once again, I was told over and over that I had gotten fat, gained weight, and looked healthy - that Dave was taking good care of me! I have been trying to loose 8-10 lbs - I actually joined a gym the week before I found out I was coming here! Oh well - a reminder of the differences between our mentalities regarding weight. At least here you don't have media screaming at you everywhere that beauty is thin and flawless!

It was awesome to see them, to tell them that they had gained weight and were looking healthy - to which they answered 'Suubi.' Just great to know that they are able to eat 3 meals a day, take tea with sugar, and also feed their children! They looked beautiful. They asked about Dave's parents, my parents, and Lucy (Ruthie) - and I told them that all wish to come back and visit! Mama Daisy had me address the women and so I thanked them for their good work, told them of the success in America, and cried as I reminded them that only a year and half ago it was a dream and now we are able to buy 10 necklaces a week from each woman and double in women. I also thanked them for their example of hope and told them that was the story we are working hard to share in America - not an Africa plagued with tragedy, disease, and death, but an Africa marked by perseverance, resiliency, and hope! They all clapped, screamed, and chanted their tribal calls!

I took so many photos - about 30 women wanted their picture taken with me! And we handed out these nurse and doctor scrub hats we ended up with somehow - they loved them and so we took some pics of those too. And we got some great video footage we will bring home and eventually get out in video format. A great afternoon, I had a permanent grin the whole time and it was so natural and heartwarming to be back in their presence. Can't wait for dancing next week - love their booty shaking! I wish I had more than 2 weeks with them! Next year...?


  1. That is awesome. It made me smile to read and imagine what it was like. I can totally see their smiling faces. I am glad you are enjoying yourself and doing well. Tell the kids hi for me. haha. Can't wait to see you and hear all about it and see your pics. Love you sis.

  2. Kimberly McGehee11/25/08, 1:07 PM

    Wow! This made me even more excited to go in less than five weeks! I can't wait to connect when you are home. What a difference you and your family are making! What a priviledge to be in your space. Lots of Love and prayers Kimberly

  3. Just Saying Hi! Sounds Great, love ya! Bri

  4. Morgan! You're there now! SO WONDERFUL!