Sunday, December 7, 2008

Coming Home

Well, my last couple days in Uganda have been pretty event-filled. Go figure, after a relaxing day at the pool we had a crazy 24 hours that began with a small car accident - our van being rear-ended by a Ugandan Taxi - and ended 24 hours later with Amberle's Chacos being stolen in Danida. But I think she will blog about it, so check her blog in the next couple days.

As for me - I am torn, excited to get home to Dave and the kids, but sad to leave my new friends and the women. But it has been an incredible experience. I am so thankful that I had this opportunity (thank you Dave for looking out for my heart and encouraging me to take this step of faith). And there were a couple things that really needed my attention and so it was actually a blessing I was here during this time. No coincidences!

I'll blog in reflection when I get home, but I compiled a list this morning while drinking my tea on our front porch in Jinja:

The Top 11 Things I'll Miss From Uganda

11) Catching and eating grasshoppers (yes 5 times - they even sell them cooked at the market, but I prefer the 'fresh' ones and seasoning them myself)

10) The feel of the wind in my face while on the back of a piki (and the ability to watch life here as you go by)

9) Waking up to exotic bird calls

8) Trips to the Central Market

7) Community living - you all know how much I love living with others and these people here have been so fun and amazing - lots of laughter! (esp. our ventures out at night - wink wink Melissa and Amberle)

6) Juicy pineapple, fresh passion fruit juice, and sweet baby bananas (actually fresh produce in general)

5) Having red dirt-stained feet

4) Walking everywhere

3) The amazing LGH volunteers - who have become great friends

2) Sweet Betty and baby David


In 5 hours I board a plane and in 30 hours I'll be back in Colorado - not sure what kind of weather I am coming home to! Thanks for taking this journey with me - see you soon!

Love you all!


  1. good news morgan, there are grasshoppers in Colorado!!! lol. as far as the others go, only in Africa. I am glad I got to relive them a little through your blogs. I can't wait to get back there whenever that will be. Love you sis. See you soon.

  2. I miss you allready! hope everything went well! love love love

  3. Hi Morgan! I am so glad to read this blog and your experiences going back to Uganda... and those 11 things are definitely things I miss or want to miss (can't say I've eaten grasshoppers yet, but it's a goal of mine! ha). Hope you had a safe journey back home!