Thursday, November 27, 2008

An American Thanksgiving

The BIG Thanksgiving meal was in order long before I arrived. I arrived to a chart on the kitchen wall of the planned food! Everyone here was so happy to see that I brought them 2 bags of stuffing, canned raspberry pie filling, and pie crust mix! Needless to say – it has been a busy day. And to top it off - electricity went off in the middle of the night last night and did not return until after 2:30 in the afternoon today (oh the joys of Africa - even though it's annoying - in a weird sort of way I have missed it. Life in America is always so predictable and controlled, sometimes it's nice to feel out of control!).

An early trip to the market for the produce and then lots of time coordinating timing and cooking with our small oven! But, it turned out great – quite the spread. When we traveled to Kampala to send out a FedEx package of necklaces we stopped at Quality Cuts by the American Embassy to get a couple whole chickens (in lieu of a turkey).

So the spread was as follows:
2 roasted chickens
Canned Corn (from local supermarket)
Canned Cranberry (from a gift package from the US)
Green bean casserole (made from all local ingredients)
Stuffing (from the US)
Mashed Potatoes
2 dozen Rolls (from a local restaurant – Ozzie’s)

Quite the American Meal and a super great treat – especially for those who have been here for the last 9 months! I just wanted to make sure I got to the internet to blog today. But when I get back it’s raspberry and pumpkin pie with whipped cream!

Tomorrow we may celebrate Black Friday - by waking up early to go to the Central Market and shop for used clothes!!!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful to be here for this short, but sweet time. Thank you to all of you are helping make this a reality!


  1. Wow, the spread is impressive, girl! Thinking of you and your family today--hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinner! With the lives and struggles the Suubi woman have experienced, I know they are thankful for you all and what God has provided for them through LGH. Blessings to you, the volunteers and the people you all serve in the name of Christ!

  2. What a feast! Somehow I knew you wouldn't miss out on black Friday. Not sure I'm up for the 4 am shopping trip. I would much rather shop at the market in Jinja. Is it baby David's birthday today? Give him a hug for me. Love you and God Bless.