Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Day in the Village

Yesterday was a busy day – lots of walking, lots of community, lots of joy. We traveled to Walukuba to Mama Santa’s house in the morning to roll and string beads. It was really nostalgic being back in the place where Suubi started – under the giant jackfruit tree. Now we meet in the Suubi building in Danita, but it was like ‘old times.’ She rolled the mats out for us and we sat for a few hours stringing beads and rolling paper into beads. And she blessed us with an authentic Ugandan lunch and a pair of beaded earrings. Good times laughing, spending time with her, and enjoying the hot and sunny day.

After walking to the bank and doing a couple errands we were on a piki piki (a motorcycle) on our way to Danita to the Suubi building for Literacy Class. Yesterday was a record – 25 women! Each had a pen and paper and Amberle taught and quizzed them on the alphabet. It’s amazing to see some of the women who used to only stamp their finger as their signature now able to write their name and write the entire English alphabet! And they are so proud – wanting to show you their written alphabet and receive the praise! Such accomplishment. I think when I come home I’ll try and find some English curriculum that our volunteers can utilize and move through as it’s sometimes hard with the turnover. But it was an awesome time and great to hear again the women talk and share how thankful they are for the growth Suubi has allowed them. And for all of those who have been here – I got the “Acholi” clap.

Again – just relishing in the beauty of the women and being here! It’s already been a week and the next 10 days will go by in a snap I am sure…

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