Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st

December 1st - wow! Certainly doesn't 'fee' like December here. We left last year before the dry/hot season, so it's been pretty sweaty and sticky hot. I hope I can get graced by one 'African' rainstorm before I leave on Sunday, but so far in the week and a half I have been here there has been no rain, just lots of bright sunshine and blue skies. I love the bigness of the rain here - there is something about feeling so small that is comforting.

Yesterday we attended an executive meeting with the Suubi Board and Committee prior to our buying meeting. It went well - it's great to see the ownership and pride they have in Suubi. They had a couple requests - 1) to have a 'grand opening' celebration of the Suubi building and invite the local and district leaders and 2) to paint the the metal door and linking on the sides bright pink (just for you Dave!). Again, I love the ownership and the way we work together as equals!

Buying went well, always fun to be with the women. And we took lots of pictures of them - they are always asking for us to take their photos. Last week you might have seen pictures of them wearing the surgery scrub hats - I promised that I would talk to some medical supply store and get some more as some women didn't get one (and really wanted one!). So if you have any ties, let me know! And they all agreed (and suggested) that next weekend they would meet on Saturday for buying so that I could pack on Sunday (I leave late Sunday night from Entebbe). So I am looking forward to that - all the 120 Suubi buying at once! If it goes well we might keep it up so that there is unity among both the old and new groups. And hopefully if sales continue to grow we can quickly increase the number we buy each week from the 'new' women!

Last night electricity went out at 8pm and didn't come back on until this morning - so we roasted mini marshmallows on candle flames - oh the fun of being creative!

This morning was some 'housekeeping' stuff. Just trying to make sure the house is good and in order before I leave. I've had Henry the electrician, Wilson the plumber, and Charles the tailor over since I have been here - now it's just Charles the furniture man that I need to meet with (the couch cushions need some TLC). And on another housekeeping note - we found a new dog. Ian helps teach English at a boys' home in town and they have 4 dogs so they gave us one - a black dog that doesn't go into the house and seems to very well behaved. Amberle is going to look into shots and hopefully George (our night guard) finds him a good dog and one that will bark at alarms! His name is Darks (but I am trying to get people to call him Boots - you know, Dora's friend monkey, plus he has white 'socks' on his back feet.

Happy Day to you all! I am loving it here - wishing Dave and the kids could join me, but I'll be home in a week!


  1. thanks for the pink door! You know me too well! love ya

  2. Morgan, you continue to amaze me in so many ways. I just had the late night opportunity to read all of your blogs and get caught up. I am so glad you were able to go to Uganda and have another African experience. I can not help but remember the song I chose to dance with you at your wedding ("I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack). I am glad you "Danced" with all of the women and you are truly making a significant difference in the world of these African families, my world, your world and our world. Have fun, be safe and enjoy. Love you lots, Dad

  3. Love you lots Dad - thanks!