Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Face of Beauty

It has been a great couple days spending time with the women of Suubi. On Tuesday we went to Joyce's house to roll and string beads. Yesterday it was Daisy's house and today we traveled to the homes of Molly, Emily, and then Prisca. I have loved the opportunity to sit in their homes or under their trees and spend time talking, laughing, and asking questions. I feel so blessed - last year when we lived here my role as a mother had me in the home or watching the kids when we did take them. Don't get me wrong, I love that my children have had the opportunity to be here and experience Africa (well I guess only Asher since we adopted Jadyn from here), but it has been so amazing to be carefree and spend time with the women - pursuing them and allowing myself the freedom to just be with them even if it is just sitting and stringing beads. Again - thank you to all of you who are helping watch children and taking care of my husband so I can be here!

During my time with Daisy (a retire school teacher from Gulu) I have solidified my plans for my tattoo - a saying in Lwo (the Acholi language) - 'Wan Wenge Waribe Kacel' (We are all connected together) to be on the back of my neck. So Rachel, let's make plans for the week after I get back!

And today was my second English class - Amberle is the bomb with teaching (and anything related to social work, 0r camp counseling - last night we had 'craft night' at the LGH house and we all made friendship bracelets for each other!). I actually just came in at the end to videotape the 14 women reciting their 'stories' - reading their names, what district they are from, what year they were born in, and how many children they have. Again, so incredible to see these women writing the English alphabet and learning to speak.

For the first part Melissa and I walked around Danida with Daisy to see a couple people. The first was one of our new Suubi women - Josephine, who had a baby last Tuesday. We went to her house to meet her baby boy and talk with her. She asked us to name the baby! But we said that was reserved for the mother, however, Daisy chimed in and I think we have yet one more 'David!'

And the second stop was to see the lame girl (as Daisy called her) - her name is actually Doreen. She is 17 and in 2001 when she was hiding in the bushes up north from the LRA a patrol vehicle hit her and ran over her leaving her paralyzed from about waste down. She has a beautiful smile and is very bright. We spent time asking questions about her accident and her life and then Melissa was asked to pray for her. It is always so hard to be reminded AGAIN of the tragedy that has befallen on the Acholi people and the plight of their tribe for the past 25 years. Another reminder of the injustice and screwed up world in which we live and another reminder of a beautiful face who has chosen to live with HOPE despite her crippled body and situation. I asked if I could have my picture taken with her so I could remember her in America (a place where it is so easy to forget the plight of others and how we are all connected). She asked if we would come back to visit, I told her that I will be back next year, but Melissa said she will be back soon.

Back at the Suubi building the Director of Suubi - Santa pulled me aside to ask if we could add Doreen and her mother to the new Suubi group (sort of a tag-team group). I was so happy inside - to hear it was their idea. It is so humbling to see the women (who themselves are in desperate situations) embrace others and think outside of themselves. They are an inspiration!


  1. hi morgan!

    i've enjoyed keeping up with your posts! thanks for keeping us updated on your trip!

  2. Love that your lovin it! Thanks for being an inspiration to me! Be safe, love ya!

  3. Can't wait to hear your stories when you get back. Hope you enjoy your last few days there. On a superficial note, you realize "Wan Wenge Waribe Kacel" is kind of long...I mean, that's a long of W's. Maybe consider something with a few less letters that might not mean as much? :) Totally kidding--let me when you're off to get inked, girl. You're the last of the Hansows. :)